We are digital transformation of telecom companies

Telecommunications are nowadays a commodity, like water and electricity, without which it is impossible to live.

But unlike the usual basic needs, the Telecom ‘product’ undergoes constant and unstoppable dynamics, which force them to look for partners capable of accompanying them in their permanent innovation.

Message Factory assumes itself as one of these partners, taking this evolving need as its own and finding solutions that allow its customers in this business area to delegate part of its commitment to its broad and demanding audiences.

At this moment, we already support large national and international Telecommunications companies, with Enterprise Messaging structures and content aggregators integrated with Billing platforms, services that we can provide to your organization with the same commitment that we demonstrate daily in our relationship with our current customers.

What advantages do we offer your business?

Enterprise Messaging: dedicated solution with high performance and redundancy, for business-type needs for sending and receiving SMS traffic, whether priority type or for marketing purposes.

SMS Marketing: marketing campaigns via SMS, whether sent to consumers or for their participation.

PSMS: SMS solutions with billing.

IVR: automatic voice solutions, with added value, for delivering audio content or participating in contests and sweepstakes.

DCB: integration with mobile operators’ proprietary payment solutions for single or recurring micro-payments.

Mobile Portals: creation of mobile portals with exclusive content, with free access or using payment methods.

Custom Solutions: made-to-measure solutions, integrating a wide range of Message Factory capabilities and capabilities.