We are innovation and digital transformation

Technology has revolutionized the widest areas of our lives and of course, including the way we do business. Marketing was no exception. Technology makes marketing easier. Digital data generates results. Design, video, and content tools drive the experience. Automatisms make the difference to obtain high performance results.

Technology gives marketers unique ways to connect with the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. For this reason, marketers must constantly invest in marketing technology solutions that facilitate the growth not only of their company, but also of their clients’ businesses.

And from here comes the concept that MarTech, which is nothing less than a term that refers to and emphasizes the junction of marketing and technology. Therefore, it refers to any project, tool or startup that combines technology with digital marketing.


Message Factory, as a digital transformation agency, is committed to its clients to stay ahead of the market and develop jobs based on MarTech’s requirements.


What advantages do we offer your business?


  • Process management: we manage the various functions and processes of the project, from planning, execution, content production, review and update. This is part of the production of a digital platform, social media strategy and email marketing campaigns.


  • Digital Marketing Automation: we offer a marketing automation solution, that is, the configuration of messages via mobile (SMS), email marketing, reporting and campaign automation.


  • Sales funnel: allows you to accurately track the user’s entire journey until he is converted, that is, make the purchase. Sales funnel tools provide the data needed to assess performance and strategy, in addition to creating insights and providing the most relevant information to carry out plans to transform leads into customers.


  • Results Measurement: we analyze in an intuitive way, offering the data, results and resources necessary for a deeper and more effective evaluation of the adopted strategies and actions, thus finding ways to increase productivity.


  • Customer relationship: understanding the customer’s experience with the brand allows us to be prepared with data to make smarter decisions. Solutions such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allow an approach to each potential customer and a deeper understanding of the customer experience.


We use strategies that result in a series of practical benefits for our customers, who have the opportunity to receive an agile and effective solution, which reduces waste in the long term and offers solid and intelligent solutions for the business.